Voices of Female Enterprises in Responsible Consumption

Voices of Female Enterprises in Responsible Consumption

Women’s enterprises are beginning to emerge and employ new concepts, not only technology and digitalization but also the sustainability of the project.

A recent report called “The Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs” revealed that supporting women-led businesses can unlock sustainable economic growth. Jane Prokop, Executive Vice President, global segment team for SMEs at Mastercard, believes that women entrepreneurs who represent 37% of global GDP have been affected by the COVID-19 health crisis. Women have an entrepreneurial spirit and see opportunities in their social environment.

The report’s figures indicate that supporting women to lead the way to sustainable, equitable, and inclusive growth will shape the world. The findings consider that gender awareness should be raised for the greater participation of women in business.

Laura Tabares, CEO of Intuic, believes that companies founded by women offer higher performance. In addition, he recommends assuming a growth mindset, where skill is learned in practice.

Olimba: Unfair Reality vs. Friendly Fashion

Isabel Vargas, is the founder of Olimba, a women’s clothing company that stands out in exclusive designs of prints, embroidery, and illustrated, among others, to recycle cotton garments. The leader seeks to transform the cliché that women have about fashion with a style of freedom and sustainability for the environment.

On the other hand, the expert seeks sustainable alternatives to raise awareness among women and generate a considerable environmental impact. In addition, in the dream project, he launches collections of innovative and creative designs. These actions have made the confidence and enthusiasm of society grow in women.

Girlboss: fashion women leaders by nature

Sophia Amoruso, the founder of an online store that emerges in sales through social networks and shows a new form of leadership capable of transcending the business world. The leader with effort and dedication seeks the future of other women helping to find their success. The businesswoman guided her steps towards a difficult path because her audience was female. Therefore, the effort must have been strong; however, the success was resounding.

On the other hand, the purpose of the company was to support women to continue with their projects. The idea was basically to create content, videos, podcasts, events, and educational workshops, in which valuable information was provided to the most vulnerable women.

Chiper: women’s entrepreneurship that avoids intermediaries

Carolina García, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Chiper, believes that it is a company that is committed to the transformation and digitalization of stores in Latin American neighborhoods. In addition, it suggests that they have great skills in issues related to growth, customer growth, and requirements of any kind.

According to, Harlem’s official website Graphic Capital revealed new prospects for unicorns founded by women, including Colombia’s Chiper in seventh place. In addition, the first place was also occupied by Colombia with the company Bryme McNulty Rojas. Like, that the tenth place Foodology. All organizations became in May 2022.

In short, these female ventures are the ones that stand out for their values and perseverance. That is why this group of women managed to achieve success with the help of creative ideas they forged for their ventures.


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