The V Women’s Film Festival Will Highlight the Best in the Industry

The V Women’s Film Festival Will Highlight the Best in the Industry

The year 2022 will have the presence of the V edition of the Women’s Film Festival which is held from October 25 to November 6, to make a meticulous selection of the best filmmaker.

Recently a report called “FIACINE Women Ibero-America Annual Study 2021” by the Ibero-American Federation of Academies of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences revealed the participation of women within the Academies of Art and Cinematographic Sciences of the region. The data collected indicate that in 13 countries there were 7,636 women associated by specialty. The findings presented by the research show that women represent 30.8% of senior management positions (presidency) and only in some countries, such as Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, and Paraguay.

The study showed that only 19% of women were associate directors in the Ibero-American Film Academies. In addition, only 34% of women are producers, and only 23% of women, are screenwriters. Even, 45.8% of women play or act in a leading role. The report concluded that costume design is the specialty with the highest percentage in which women participate 60.9%. Just like makeup with 50%.

On the other hand, the analysis highlights a group of women who are leaders in their country for their talent, effort, and dedication. These women are Albertina Carri, screenwriter and filmmaker from Argentina; Juliana Sakae, day laborer and documentary filmmaker from Brazil; Karin Cuyul, Director of Chile; Andrea Castañeda, the makeup artist from Colombia; Samia Maldonado, Executive Director of Ecuador; Virginia Yagüe, screenwriter and producer from Spain; Carla Molina, director of Guatemala; Astrid Rondero, screenwriter and producer from Mexico; Gabriela Sabaté, the producer from Paraguay and Claudia Lepage, the producer from Venezuela.

The best filmmaker will be presented to win at the V Women’s Film Festival

The Festival will have a mixed program, that is, 22 face-to-face rooms, an online space in Filmin, as well as a space for television in 8Madrid TV. In addition, the organizers gave a twist to their image in a versatile and dynamic way, which makes a combination of languages highlight the union of Spanish films in festivals in China and France.

On the other hand, the image creators will dedicate themselves to the Netherlands to give visibility to the new talent that arises in the world. That is why more and more professional women in the world of cinematography open the way to new experiences to improve their positioning in the international market.

In this new edition, 20 face-to-face venues will provide total visibility to Arab, Chinese French, Italian, Latin American, Mexican, and Swedish directors, a diversity of professional women who want to project and create stenographic art.

On the other hand, the jury will be directed by Irene Escolar, Ana Katz, and Víctor García León, who will present the Best Film Award at the Cinema for Women Festival 2022. In addition, Marta Pedraza, Mariasun Miquel, and Ana Maccanuco, who are members of the Golden Blogos Association, collaborate. It even has the support of public and private entities that are committed to the cinema, gender equality, and diversity.

Forcefully, the work and effort made by women filmmakers, together with the audiovisual media, actors, and actresses, are part of the great engine that the world has to emerge in the film industry. That is why The Woman Post invites you to follow closely the V Women’s Film Festival this year 2022, to see the female talent that emerges from these spaces.

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