New Work Environments: Are You Ready?

New Work Environments: Are You Ready?

2022 closes with a lot of uncertainty in the face of business perceptions about the benefits and the impact on the results of adopting different work modalities

Work modalities as hybrid, remote, or face-to-face.

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The presence of COVID at a global level, and the repercussions of the forced confinement, led to the acceleration of work modalities towards remote and teleworking options that gradually turned to hybrid and even face-to-face forms of some jobs and positions that, by their nature and description, they allowed it.

Although employees have stated, in general, that they perceive a better quality of life and the need they have had to adopt habits in organization and time management, managers are not so sure of being able to determine productivity rates, since the Measurements are based on classical and traditional models.

Thus, employees have changed their perceptions about what they would like to find in their jobs, and herein lies the importance of reviewing and rethinking what organizations offer if they want to retain talent.


Companies must establish contracts based on payment for deliverables, that is, based on schedules and delivery dates, so that employees can manage their schedules flexibly and schedule their deliveries on specific dates, without the need to feel in control of their Schedule.


Since seniority is no longer a determining factor for remaining in positions or companies, benefits must be offered that allow employees to perceive a pleasant work environment, relationships of trust in their abilities, and opportunities for diversification or promotion in short periods. so that they feel motivated to stay connected.


Contracts no longer include notice periods or waiver of charges. Today, simply and in an untimely manner, employees announce that they simply will not continue performing their jobs and that they resign from one day to the next.

This represents high costs for companies since they must start a search and selection process, in addition to training. This is why organizational tension, excessive control, or permanent pressure should be avoided in the daily environment since it will surely have repercussions in abandoning the assigned position.


A working group dedicated exclusively to providing new and better technological tools should be designated to guarantee aspects such as remote connections, access to meetings, dynamic portals, and applications that allow uploading reports and assigned work, both in its process and in the final delivery, of in such a way that they facilitate each step of the projects or processes required.


Hiring should allow employees to distribute their time and thus have several contracts or assignments, which gives them variety and diverse challenges, a characteristic of young employees, who are attracted to apply various skills that are part of their profile and even challenge themselves to acquire and learn new ones.

In any case, it is a period that implies many changes, both in the organizations and in the employees themselves, since optimal time management will be one of the determining factors to be able to cover all the commitments they are acquiring, measure their work capacity, organize your personal life so as not to fall into bad habits of lack of sleep, poor nutrition or irritability due to being overwhelmed with tasks.


For the employees of the new generations, it is important to feel that the company and employers value their talent and thus feel motivated to contribute their knowledge. Since seniority is no longer a cover letter in resumes, companies must adopt their selection processes taking this aspect into account, and let those who hire know the profile description, define required tasks, and set specific objectives.

This is how hiring expectations, as well as the search for employment and sustainability, have taken on new nuances and all sectors must adapt to these cultural, social, and economic changes that blur the classic and traditional frameworks and proposals.


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