Intangible but Powerful Wishes for 2023

Intangible but Powerful Wishes for 2023

Each year that begins is an invitation to take stock of what has been done, what has been planned, and finally what we were able to accomplish.

There is always something left in the pipeline, always an unrealized plan, an unfulfilled dream. Since the festivities have that magical power to make us think big and capture our dreams, take advantage of this feeling!

Here are several intangible but powerful wishes to achieve what you want to have in 2023:

In 2023, keep your head up, have a smile on your skin, hugs the order of the day, communicate more, send messages of well-being and harmony and live in a state of optimism, improvement, and progress. Your mind and body will thank you.

We, by nature, live pending others, providing company, being the cloth of tears, and offering our space and time as friends, caregivers, girlfriends, wives, and mothers. Of course, that gives us happiness and joy, without a doubt… but occasionally it happens that we leave ourselves aside, we postpone what we long for, we leave ourselves for later or we bow our heads before the priorities of others.

It’s more than okay to think of us, of ourselves. I understand that culturally and socially it may have been instilled in you or labeled as selfishness or vanity, but the truth is that every day that passes and you deny yourself those opportunities that will make your eyes and skin shine, is a time that you will not recover.

It is your moment, it is the opportunity to make that change that you want in your appearance, in your environment, in your occupation. cheer up! It’s okay to think of you!

Accept this invitation that we make to you from The Woman Post!

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