How to Feel Good About What you See in the Mirror

How to Feel Good About What you See in the Mirror

It is not necessary to put so much mystery to the words. If you are fat, you are fat. I am a cute and fashionable fat woman.

It is not necessary to put so much mystery to the words. If you are fat, you are fat. I am a cute and fashionable fat woman.

“One is beautiful as it is and that's it. That is the most important thing and you have to believe in that. It's all about attitude. There is no other”, thus with her strong tone of voice and an indelible smile Laura Agudelo speaks about fat women, to whom through her blog La Pesada de Moda, she gives advice so that when looking in the mirror they feel empowered and stay away from the myths that the media have launched for years.

Laura lives intensely and that is why she constantly repeats “don't keep putting off life for when you are skinny. Long live, we have been locked up for almost seven months and we still have a long time, so we have to live and we cannot wait until we are skinny”.

She is one of those women with whom you can talk all day, hours, and hours, and never has a negative word. Her attitude is like the clothes she wears day after day, fresh and cheerful. Away from rules and standards, she considers that fashion does not have to bother. “It is a concept that is commanded to pick up. Fashion has to be comfortable, especially for women of large sizes”.

Journalist by profession. She worked in media such as Vanguardia Liberal, Colprensa, Revista Semana in Colombia. She decided, about 10 years ago, to open a space, which is, like her personal closet. The blog La Pesada de Moda, where, with a fairly simple language, he tells hundreds of women of large sizes how beautiful and how elegant they are.

She has never understood how a person can be classified as fat or skinny. “I do not disqualify or rate someone based on their appearance. People are the way they are, period”.

The heavyweight of fashion (, is her space, and she defines it as the place “for pseudo-intellectuals and fashionistas to burn calories. Remember that in the beginning her writing was directed at women of large sizes. "Over time I have relaxed and I dedicate myself to other topics … Those that I like … Those that touch me."

To measure

Laura Agudelo began to gain weight and every day it became more difficult for her to find clothes "tailored to her". They told her that she did not dress in clothing for fat people and she said: – But how are clothes for fat people? -. She says her sister sent her XL clothes from the United States. “That is huge, very giant. And that's where it all started”.

Her passion for fashion joins that of writing and she finds that it seems “cool” to explore that part. She turned to two of her friends whom she describes as "intellectuals" and "fashion" who helped her create La Pesada de Moda.

First touches

Laura Agudelo remembers that the most difficult thing about sitting down to write was finding the appropriate language since she was very close to journalism. She wanted to impact and offer her readers different content.

“You have to be very rigorous. I have always done it conscientiously. So, I started by writing what people like, what they want to see and read”. And in this sense, she points to Luz Lancheros, as her favorite journalist. “It's fabulous, it has all the rigor. She has managed to combine the profession of journalism as we knew it and the new demand that the profession has today. Is fantastic".

Fashion, with a lot of weight

“You can't walk around with something uncomfortable because it shows. Now I am in another campaign and it is to renounce the slavery of heels. Who said that one can only look good with heels! "

For this reason, for her, clothes are more than fashion, they are a strong and clear manifestation, “of who I am. It's my calling card and clothes for me are fun and I like it, I love dressing up”. It is fun to see how people dress every day. From the peasant to the royal characters, all this, she defines as a visual pleasure.

"I like to see the lady who is walking with a basket on the road, because she has particular choices, the same as the people who are entering the Church to a religious cult", for her, all this has its imaginary.

In the middle

When asked about the message that the media transmits about an almost perfect figure, she says that “without a doubt, especially television, magazines and advertising, are the main ones responsible for hurting her head by women. Men too, but I think women have affected the head more than men”.

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For her, the media have a lot of responsibility because they were in charge of selling a beauty standard as if beauty were one.

Between myths and truths

There is a lot of myth about what a fat woman should wear. And she doesn't like to talk about it, because everything leads to the same thing: "we have to configure ourselves like an hourglass and we have to be skinny."

For Laura, there are many things – really frustrating – because, many times women feel bad because they don't look skinny. "That is terrible, and they have sold us a lot of lies saying that women have to dress in a certain way to look good and look skinny."

What about advice for chubby girls? … “I don't know whether to give advice. What I always tell them is Look in the mirror! Not to see what they do not like, but to admire themselves and take advantage of what they like."

The question is of attitude, mentality, positive mental attitude. The figure is not everything. “They must be convinced that they have beautiful hair, beautiful skin, beautiful faces, I don't know how beautiful… And that's how they like to look. People notice that”.

For her, the most important thing is to have fun with clothes, and in the Colombian market, there are many options, at very good prices and excellent quality. But, you have to be creative – that's very important –

So, do you have to use creativity? … Of course, that is very important, especially so as not to always dress the same, and that is called style. "The idea is to combine what is in the closet … There is creativity."

She calls the readers of her blog ‘Pesaditas’. And in this sense, it invites people to use the term fat, without problems. “It is not rude; it is not a derogatory term. If you look in the dictionary of the Royal Academy, it says that it is a qualifying adjective to define people abundant in meat. That's fat!”.

She feels happy and remembers, in the midst of that contagious laugh, the times that many women thank her because through her writings “I changed their way of seeing life”. And someday, she thinks, collects all those anecdotes in a book.


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