Know More About VSCO Girls

Know More About VSCO Girls

VSCO girls are taking over the internet but, what are they? This new trend among young girls is pretty famous on Instagram and TikTok. 

VSCO girls are taking over the internet but, what are they? This new trend among young girls is pretty famous on Instagram and TikTok.

Urban Dictionary defines a VSCO girl as someone that "Wears oversized t-shirts or sweatshirt with Nike shorts. Has Vans, Crocs, Birks, and wears a shell necklace. She also wears tube tops and Jean shorts. She always has a hydro flask. She can't leave home without a scrunchie, and her favorite car is a jeep."

To clarify, VSCO is a photo editing app where you can edit your photos to suit your Instagram feed's aesthetic by using their curated filters, but the people over at VSCO didn't create the trend. They credit that the teens who use the app.

A significant part of the VSCO girl lifestyle is environmentally conscious using friendly environmental bottles, specifically Hydro Flask. They also use reusable metal straws to take care of the earth.

To transport their important belongings like a sticker-covered laptop, Polaroid camera, and backup scrunchies, you'll see VSCO girls carrying a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, which was initially designed for Swedish schoolchildren in 1987.

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VSCO girls use specific brands and stay loyal to them. They have a casual look and even an "I don't care" vibe that ends up being relatively pricey—for example, purchasing Birkenstocks costs around one hundred dollars.

Fox Business broke down the minimum budget for a VSCO girl lifestyle and totaled the cost at $229.89. VSCO girls are also known for using some pretty specific phrases like "sksksk," which is also a sound they use to laugh. 

Who inspired this trend? This style hasn't been traced back to one specific person, but it pulls elements from 90s fashion surfer girl culture and famous stores like Brandy Melville.

Youtuber Emma Chamberlain is often referenced as VSCO girl fashion even if she didn't ask for the title. Famous YouTubers like Kristen McAtee, Sierra Schultzzie, and Grace Helbig have all taken on the challenge of becoming VSCO girls.

To recap, VSCO girls usually are teens and tweens who like certain clothes and accessories reminiscent of the 90s. The hair is generally in a messy bun, and the accessories are eco-friendly.

Regarding this trend, author and teen expert Karen Salman told CBS New York, "it's warm-hearted, and it's not like one of these sexualized trends, so I think parents should be fine with it. It's pretty innocent and all in good spirit."

The VSCO trend got popular over the summer of 2019. However, it is not yet over. Lately, a lot of trends like this has spread over the internet, especially for girls. More than a style, it's a subculture born on the internet.

A good point about this trend is that it teaches young girls to be kind to the environment and afford eco-friendly products. It is not clear who created it, but it is a hit between students.

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