Motherhood in the 21st Century

Motherhood in the 21st Century

Mothers become roles models and warriors that would do anything to make their family happy. Let's take a look at the different kinds of maternity.

Mothers become roles models and warriors that would do anything to make their family happy. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of maternity.

Good moms can become the most significant influence on their child’s life. They are always there for them and love them unconditionally. Here is what it’s like to be a mother in the 21st century.

Single Mom

Deciding to have a baby alone is a big deal. Single motherhood is not the preferred pathway of many women. Most of them would rather have a kind, loyal, and supportive partner to contribute and co-parent with them. However, many moms choose to take a different path from the baby’s biological father. Domestic abuse, toxic dynamics, and economic problems are some of the reasons why women decide to raise their children on their own. Living with a partner that is not prince charming can get emotionally exhausting.

For this reason, some women decide to be single moms even before getting pregnant or adopting a child. Single moms are strong, resilient, and fulfill the role of fathers as well. They provide for their kids economically and emotionally. Single moms often have to work a lot, but they also get the best part of parenting.

Lesbian Mom

Being a mom is a challenge at the best of times. Mothers usually doubt themselves, worry if they’re doing the right thing, and ask how they can improve. Being a lesbian mom is no different, except they have extra obstacles to overcome that heterosexual couples don’t need to worry about. Lesbian moms are the same as other moms. They love their children and would give their life for them. They also want to see their children succeed and grow to be well-adjusted adults. Children of lesbians have an open approach to gender roles and sexuality. It makes sense; after all, they’re exposed to same-sex relationships as part of daily.


Modern Mom

Modern moms know that age is only a number. They are very youthful, open-minded, and are familiar with the trends that their children follow. They act like friends to their kids and have a closer connection with them. Modern moms understand and support the styles and preferences of their families. They even enjoy the same series that young adults and teens watch and know the celebrities of their children’s generation. Any mom can be a modern mom. The only thing they need is interest in trends, knowledge of social media, and an open mind to understand what their kids love.

All kinds of mothers do what is best for their children, including understanding their world and being part of it. It doesn’t matter their sexual preferences, age, or marital status; all moms are full of love and wisdom. They also have an incredible sixth sense and tons of hugs and kisses.

In the 21 century, the traditional mom (a heterosexual woman, married to a man, and caring for their children) isn’t the only valid way to experience maternity. Today, we can talk about single moms, lesbian moms, modern moms, and all the incredible and strong women who always do their best to make their children happy.

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