The Transformative Power of Hugs

The Transformative Power of Hugs

The power of hugs is magical because it transmits energy, gives love, and can transform a life.

The power of hugs is magical because it transmits energy, gives love, and can transform a life.

When the hug is done in a conscious and silent way, it is highly healing and it is even better if an intention is put: Peace, joy, containment, compassion.

Ways To Hug

There are different ways of hugging and in each of them, there is a non-verbal language, which implies who protects or contains. It should last at least ten seconds to convey content implicit in the intention that travels through the energy being delivered.

How the hug is "marked" depends on the posture of the arms. There are two roles: Who contains and protects and who is protected. Therefore, whoever surrounds the other with their arms above the shoulders, is giving protection, containment, and support, and whoever surrounds the other's waist is receiving protection. When you embrace from heart to heart, the position of the body remains to place the chest against the chest, placing the heart in front of the heart of the other.

When the embrace is oscillatory, that is, the body's way, it represents emotion and an important state of connection, getting in tune with the energy of the other, entering a state of fullness. In this way, we can deliver a lot of love, without saying anything in just ten seconds.

There are other types of hugs: Intimate hugs with sexual connotations, others of companionship, others that show distance or commitment. There is a hug from everyone that turns out to be very special and significant since it involves eye contact and prolonged silence and has a strong sentimental and emotional implication; those who have lived it manage to perceive a greater connection and approach in their relationships.


Benefits of Hugs

The number of hugs a person requires varies according to their age. According to psychotherapist Virginia Satir, human beings need four hugs a day to survive, eight hugs to sustain themselves, and twelve hugs to grow.

Recovering the value of hugs is vital to rescue its healing power and its benefits as it helps with headaches relieves anxiety, stress, and depression, heal insomnia, brings joy, slows aging, and releases favorable neurotransmitters for health and wellness.

Additionally, we can talk about other benefits that are not physical and yet are very important because it has a direct implication in inner growth: confidence, protection, security, strength, self-esteem, and the ability to express emotions. Hugging a person on a regular basis can help improve their physical, mental, and emotional health.

In conclusion, if we want healthy societies, we need healthy human beings, physically, mentally, and emotionally and this is only possible by returning to love and its different expressions. We all need love and we need a conscious and well-intentioned hug.

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