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    Adriana Díaz Sánchez

    My name is Leonor Adriana Díaz Sánchez.(Shakti-Seva/lads) . I am what I decided to do, with what happened in my life. My scars show the golden threads with which my story was healed and evidence of my experience and learning. I deliver tools to learn to live so that returning to your essence, you enhance your potential and you can live in peace and harmony. I am a survivor of gender violence, my daughter's suicide, and many experiences that made me go through the dark night of the soul until I found the light, to do what I do today: Life Mentoring and Holistic Transformational Therapy, and writer, with in order to also contribute to the prevention of suicide. I AM THE PRODUCT OF WHAT I DID WITH EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIFE.

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