Incidence Of Uterus Healing On Women`s Overall Health

Incidence Of Uterus Healing On Women`s Overall Health

Interview with colombian Doula and Midwife: Andrea Lorena Rubiano Carrillo about the healing of the uterus in the physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery of women.

Andrea Lorena Rubiano Carillo is a specialist in the healing of the uterus. I met her  in the Colombian Andes, in the center of the country, on a farm in the mountains of Sesquilé-Cundinamarca, while we were both participating in training as facilitators of the Maya Cacao Ceremony. Her outfit caught my attention, as did her entire presence.

She was dressed in black with a skirt and boots, a poncho, and a hat, and she carried with her more than 3 bags woven by our Colombian indigenous people. When it was time to introduce ourselves in the circle, I knew who she was: a medicine woman, doula, apprentice midwife, lover of ancestral wisdom, and a student of the Muisca customs and traditions.

She spoke in the circle with great authority about women, sacred sexuality, and other holistic topics that I am passionate about, and each time she spoke, she captured more of my attention because of her knowledge. One month after we met, I decided to interview her about two topics that I believe are important to share with you: The healing of The uterus  and the importance of midwives and doulas.

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Today, we will focus on the first topic, which will lead us to understand How the healing of the uterus influences the physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery of women.

TWP: What is womb healing and what does it entail?

Andrea Lorena Rubiano Carrillo (ALR) Currently, uterus healing is trendy, and it has been focused purely on the energetic aspect. However, what we do at our school is provide comprehensive support. We believe that uterus healing – or rather, I prefer to call it "healing of the uterus space" instead of just the womb – involves not only addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects of the memories held in our womb space but also examining the deep root or etiology of conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, and gynecological imbalances, and approaching them systemically, addressing them with their history and the wisdom they carry. This is because our womb space is a secondary organ, meaning its health and balance are influenced by the function of other glands and systems in the body.

How is uterus healing performed, and what tools are used?

There are different methods of uterus healing, such as working with transgenerational memories, retrieving the memory of the sexual energies held in our uterus space, and engaging in the ritual of the Mapuche garlic, among others. Some many forms and traditions offer different paths to uterus healing. However, I take an integral approach, supporting the womb space by nourishing and caring for it with herbal remedies. I address the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels through lifestyle, nutrition, the gathering of energy, and the recollection of memories.

Why is uterus healing currently on the rise?

It is on the rise because there are many gynecological imbalances and unresolved memories that need to be addressed, organized, healed, and harmonized. However, many approaches focus solely on the energetic and spiritual aspects, which is another way of further fragmenting our bodies. That's why I work integrally, considering the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

What is natural gynecology, and how does it relate to uterus healing?

Natural gynecology allows us to understand our bodies and their ailments so that we can find relief from there. Due to colonization, the ancestral profession of midwifery was dismantled, separating gynecology from obstetrics. In the past, women midwives attended to the fertile age and any health imbalances in women and the community as a whole, accompanying individuals from their first breath to their last.

Natural gynecology is directly related to uterus healing because it addresses the whole system, the integral body, not just the womb space as an organ. It encompasses everything that happens in the history of our bodies, from the cellular level that evolves into an ovum, which then becomes a follicle in our ovaries, representing our creative energy.

Why is the uterus important from a holistic perspective?

The uterus, or rather, the uterus space – which I prefer to call the womb space – is significant because it is associated with a vessel, like something there, as an object, whereas the womb space is related to Mother Earth. That's why I prefer to call it the uterus space.

From a holistic perspective, especially from an energetic and integral standpoint, the uterus space is essential because it possesses a capacity, strength, and flexibility that no other muscle in our body has. Moreover, it holds the memories of all relationships, and our womb space is the creator of all projects. The second chakra is located there, where all waters flow, the lagoons, and the creative energy of women. This is why it is crucial because all projects, desires, dreams, and human life are implanted there. All the sensual, sexual, and creative energy of women resides there.

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How does uterus healing influence the physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery of women?

It depends on how womb healing is approached. Most methods focus on the energetic and spiritual aspects, but the physical and tangible aspects of the body also need to be addressed and resolved. It is essential to take an integrated approach because it is the path to harmonizing the territory. Our first territory is our body, and many women have completely reversed gynecological imbalances by adopting an integral approach. At an energetic and spiritual level, it allows us to take responsibility for what we have experienced, for our history, to observe, and become more sovereign over our bodies. When we know our history, we know where we stand, and what our wisdom is, and no one can take that away from us. From that place, we can occupy a different position and provide guidance, having the clarity to accompany others because we have already accompanied ourselves.

What practical recommendations would you give to women to maintain a healthy uterus?

It is important to pay attention to the following warning signs:

  1. Feeling pain: It is important to note that it is not normal to experience pain during the premenstrual or menstrual phase, which is called dysmenorrhea.
  2. Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, which is called dyspareunia.
  3. Feeling inflammation and pain throughout the menstrual cycle.
  4. Experiencing urinary leakage when laughing, sneezing, or speaking loudly. This indicates the health of our pelvic floor.


  1. Engage in pelvic floor exercises.
  2. Practice hypopressive exercises and take care of blood pressure levels.
  3. Observe the memories stored in our womb space and review our histories for healing.
  4. Understand our hormones.
  5. Learn what to do with our menstrual blood: prepare menstrual medicine, use it for divination, paint with it, etc.
  6. Provide the body with everything it needs: Primary nourishment, which refers to close relationships, and secondary nourishment, which includes tangible food.

In general, women who are aware of their bodies and their cyclicity can nourish their uterus and their bodies adequately and take care of them in the appropriate manner.

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