Carry the Magic of this Word to Your Daily Life

Carry the Magic of this Word to Your Daily Life

If you give thanks daily, you will be better prepared for crises and you will be able to handle stress more assertively

Gratitude contributes to optimism and gives satisfaction to those who express gratitude.

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I thank you for being with me when loneliness is usually my only companion, for preparing the food that I like, for that joke you told me that made me laugh out loud, for letting me go first when taking the elevator, for listening to me when I need to talking, for cheering me up when I feel tired, for your affectionate hand on my back, for praising my achievements, for taking kind care of me when I go to your store to buy what I need or to drink my morning coffee, for apologizing when we accidentally bumped into each other on the street, for telling me that the dress I chose today looks good on me, for watching the movie you don't like with me, for keeping my secrets, for welcoming me into your home with a smile and open arms, for acknowledging my professional skills, for waiting for me to cross the street even though the traffic light gives way to vehicles, for writing that significant note that gave me a happy moment, for showing me affection, for asking my opinion… For these and many other things, I thank you.

The word "thank you" automatically emerges in everyday situations. We were taught at home when we were little that expressing gratitude to someone who does us a favor or benefits us with their services is polite. It is an expression of "educated" people but its meaning is much deeper.

The happiness of being thankful

Gratitude goes beyond expressing it with your voice through a single word. If we understand well what it means to be grateful, we will do it even in adverse situations because from them we get the knowledge that we will apply in the future. The bad that happens to us could imply a positive change in our lives.

The philosopher of morality, Adam Smith, points out that the faithful of many religions focus on gratitude towards that greater force or divinity to which we manifest desires, desires, and hopes. We thank you for life, for being healthy, for accompanying us in the daily struggle, for the people we have next to us -family, friends, co-workers, the neighbor- or for the food we bring to the table. , the roof that covers us or the clothes we wear daily.

The word "thank you" has a kind of inexplicable magic and if we accompany it with a kiss, a hug, and a smile, it makes us happy, activates the hormones that give us well-being, and contributes to the environment in which we move: the house, the office, the street and the places we visit daily.

Satisfaction, hope, optimism

According to the United Nations Organization (UN), “Grateful people are happier and more satisfied with their lives, friends, family, community and with themselves'. They experience more hope, optimism, and self-esteem and perform better in their studies and work.

If you are grateful and you express it daily, you will be better prepared for crises and you will be able to handle stress assertively because gratitude contributes to optimism, it gives satisfaction to you and to those you thank, and it releases neurochemicals in your body that increase your well-being, such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. If until today it has been difficult for you to say thank you, this is a good time to make room for gratitude in your life and express it out loud.

By the way, I thank you for reading me, because, although we don't know each other and we never get to talk, you allow me to enter your daily life and accompany you. Thank you very much for this moment of your life that you give me.

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