Santa Fe vs. America: The Grand Final Of Women’s Soccer In Colombia

Santa Fe vs. America: The Grand Final Of Women’s Soccer In Colombia

Santa Fe and América define the great champion of women’s soccer in Colombia. We tell you about the growth of this league and the importance of this final.

This Friday, June 30, the grand final of women’s soccer will be played in Colombia, in which Independiente Santa Fe has the advantage, but América de Cali is confident of a comeback at home. This definition has a special tinge, since the winning team will also be awarded the title of “most times champion” of the Women’s League, currently both teams have 2 stars.

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‘Scarlets’ or ‘Lionesses’

The ‘Scarlets’ play everything for everything at home with an adverse score of 2-0. Although the América players were the ones that dominated a large part of the game in Bogotá, they were not able to be solid in attack and when it came to materializing the options they wasted all their scoring chances. This was very different from what was known about the team in the first part of the championship.

Another aspect that weighed on this first meeting was that Catalina Usme had a discreet presentation in conducting and creating. The great figure of the team was the goalkeeper Natalia Giraldo, who had several important interventions, especially in the first half, although she was already criticized for the second half.

Players to stand out from this America are the ones that make up the backbone of the team; Daniela Arias, Carolina Pineda and Catalina Usme, three leaders who lead in each of their lines, so all their fans expect to see an outstanding presentation by these soccer players.

Although the Cali team was unknown in the first leg, they are one of the strongest teams in the Home League . The Pascual Guerrero stadium is a fortress for the ‘scarlets’ and they have the confidence to overcome the adverse score and keep the third star in their history.

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Santa Fe Independent

The ‘Leonas’ made their house respected and took the advantage of two goals for Cali. The Bogotá team had a hard time with the pressure exerted by América, since they were the ones that constantly attacked. Likewise, a great point to highlight was the defensive line of the ‘cardinal’ team, which perfectly counteracted each attack from the rival team.

Daniela Garavito and Karla Viancha managed to unravel the match for the ‘leonas’, scoring the first for the team from Bogotá. For the second half, the ‘leonas’ were much more forceful and managed to unleash the pressure of América and dominated the game, that is how at minute 82 the second goal would come at the feet of María Camila Reyes, sealing the great victory of Independiente Santa Fe That leaves him headed for the title.

Players to stand out in the cardinal team are Daniela Garavito, Camila Reyes and Viviana Acosta. This is a young team, led by players like Liana Salazar and Gabriela Huertas, who bring the right experience.

Facts about this important definition

  • The two teams play for the third star, as up to now they are the two most winning clubs in the League with two titles.
  • América and Santa Fe are two teams that competed continuously in the Women’s League, participated in all 7 editions and keep the sports project active.
  • They already know what it is to face each other in a final. In 2020, in the first leg in Cali, the ‘leonas’ won 2-1 with goals from Ivonne Chacón and Ysaura Viso, for América scored Catalina Usme. In the second leg played at ‘El Campín’, the cardinal team won the championship with a 4-1 aggregate.
  • América de Cali does not like to be nicknamed ‘Las diablas rojas’ (a nickname given to the men’s team ‘los diablos rojos’) they prefer to be called ‘God’s team’.
  • Gabriela Huertas became the first player in the history of the Women’s League to play 100 games.
  • These teams have played 6 matches between them: 3 victories for Santa Fe, 1 for América; 2 draws
  • América has 7 goals in favor, and Santa Fe 9.
  • In the first leg, Independiente Santa Fe received 30,747 fans at ‘El Campín’, in Cali the same or better attendance is expected.

Growth of women’s football

Likewise, it should be noted that this league has experienced significant growth, which gave many players the opportunity to show their differential talent, an aspect that led them to be signed by teams from the old continent. This is the case of Leicy Santos and Linda Caicedo, soccer players who have spent several seasons in European soccer.

On the other hand, the support of the fans is essential for this competition, which has been constantly breaking records. With this aspect, little by little, the Colombian teams have been joining this new initiative, which is why its directors continue with the idea that this league will become one of the most outstanding on the continent.

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