3 Young Women Leading the Art of Muralism in Colombia

3 Young Women Leading the Art of Muralism in Colombia

Meet in The Woman Post the young women who entered the art of muralism and were delighted with its way of providing freedom of expression.

Recently an article called “Women in the scaffolding of muralism” made by Niza Rivera and published by Proceso Magazine revealed that the National Center for Research, Documentation, and Information of Plastic Arts (CENIDIAP) of the National Institute of Fine Arts organized the Forum of Muralism 2022. The theme of the movement was Creative Woman – Imagined Woman a challenge for the muralists on the scaffolding. The great event presented in March 2022 had an international character with the presence of creators and academics. It was exposed by Guillermina Guadarrama, Researcher and Master in Art History by the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM. That is why The Woman Post is looking forward to another call to include more women in the art of muralism.

Diana Ordoñez (LeDania): the storytelling of walls

Diana Ordoñez, Colombian plastic artist and artist of muralist stories, has dedicated herself to transforming interior spaces, with decorative and innovative elements. Her art is based on the linking of surrealism, expressionism, and cubism with a creative process of colors and shapes. However, their challenge is to bring urban expression and find balance in internal spaces. In addition, she achieved an impact on designs in commercial spaces, shops, offices, restaurants, and facades.

On the other hand, every year she brings out a collection that fills her fans with pride with fabrics and new personalized designs on objects and walls that give personality to the new collection.

Ángela Atuesta: influences people’s behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts

Angela interprets in her works a versatile and dynamic style in her techniques and disciplines. Her career stands out in open and closed spaces with materials, such as vinyl and acrylics, with animals, objects, and shapes. The artist incorporates creative processes in her works that allow a visual transformation, in the behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts of people.

A book called “Libro Que no le faltate calle: 150 artistas colombianos” published by BogotArt revealed Colombia’s alternative culture and urban art. The text pays tribute to 150 artists who filled the streets of Colombia with narratives that reflect local identities.

Gleo: the young artist with an ancestral culture

Gleo is a young artist who links famous legends with urban art and sends messages to communities. The leader of street art uses colorful murals where she shows her identity through portraits of women and how they see the world around them. In recent years, the artist has flooded the neighborhood with huge murals inspired by images of women, which fit into public settings.

On the other hand, the art expert highlights in her works several yellow eyes that indicate a symbol of infinity. Her artistic perspective is based on the constructive and destructive criticism made by women who are on the streets. In addition, the hard work she develops on the walls is not hers; it is of the community in which she executed it. Her artistic portraits can generate emotions and feelings that other women have felt.

Forcefully, these young women recreate various scenes on the walls of the streets around nature and society. The conscious graphic language they use with colors, textures, and shapes contributes to the sensory experience of the canvases.

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