Meet in the Woman Post the 3 Women Who Lead the CEO in the Financial Sector of 2022.

Meet in the Woman Post the 3 Women Who Lead the CEO in the Financial Sector of 2022.

Meet in The Woman Post the 3 women who lead the CEO in the financial sector of 2022.

Recently a report called “Women CEOs of banks with values raise their voices” by Xavier Hervás Vigueras and published by Triodos Magazine in 2022 unveiled 12 women CEOs who lead member banks of the Global Alliance for Banking with Values (GABV) and share their vision on social value and gender equality in companies.

The article refers to a major study called “Getting to the Top: Women in the C-Suite” which is the Summary of the Financial Alliance for Women which reveals that women are absent from the ranks of financial sector leadership around the world. The findings indicate that they account for two-thirds of financial support staff and half of the professionals. However, this number decreases while the hierarchy of executives rises.

Experts Selim Rf Hussain, Managing Director and CEO of BRAC Bank, Peter Van Mierlo, Managing Director of FMO, and Julie Baker, Head of Enterprise Finance at NatWest Private Commercial Banking suggest that the session has a major challenge in gender balance and inclusive leadership. In addition, they provide some perspectives, programs, and initiatives in optimizing practices to retain women in senior leadership.

Cynthia Ikponmwosa Iranmwinran

CEO of LAPO Microfinance Bank Limited in Nigeria

The leader holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Ambrose Ali University and a Master of Laws in Corporate Governance from the University of Portsmouth, in the United Kingdom. The expert anchored the process of transformation from an NGO to a regulated entity and seeks to improve the conditions of low-income households, especially the most vulnerable who are women, children, and the elderly. In addition, as the leader of the bank in Nigeria, she has created products that allow women to save and have access to scholarships, programs, and initiatives for their children.

Priscila Sims Brown

President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank in the United States

The leader has a personal and professional career that allows her to cross cultural boundaries, emphasizes the collaboration of teams, and drives success in organizations. Her leadership is based on a narrative of supporting women to end gender harm and find effective and inclusive solutions that enable business diversity.

On the other hand, her experience in various companies helps her to have a broad background in digital companies and digital marketing initiatives with new market launch strategies in which she gives immediate answers to large events.

Leonor Melo de Valasco

CEO of Banco Mundo Mujer in Colombia

The leader suggests the inclusion of women in the delivery of microcredits to low-income employees in communities that have a negative impact. This action empowers and generates confidence, self-esteem, and autonomy for the women of the communities that obtain the credits.

The expert published an article called “From Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur thanks to Microcredit” in the Business & Labor Magazine where she tells great success stories of women who create small Colombian savings companies, as is the case of María Clara.

Forcefully, in Triodos Bank, Spain has 62.5% of female representation, compared to 37.5% of men, with a significant percentage of 55% of women leading the Management Committee. From The Woman Post, we expect the support of the new generations with a focus on women entrepreneurs who lead a large percentage of the financial sector.

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