Crypto Market, Increasingly With Female Participation?

Crypto Market, Increasingly With Female Participation?

Women will lead the world of cryptocurrencies with awareness, adoption, trust, and security and expect that there will be a progressive increase in the market.

Recently a study called “The Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) 2020. Cryptocurrency Index” conducted by PureProfile and published by Independent Reserve revealed four attitudes of Australians towards cryptocurrencies, which are awareness, adoption, trust, and security. The figures indicate that the index went from 42 in 2019 to 47 in 2020, that is, a 10% increase that has been driven by women’s awareness and adoption of Bitcoin. In addition, the cryptocurrency market is increasingly accepted by women, and to some extent; they have demonstrated a positive perception.

Adrian Przelozny, Chief Executive Officer of Independent Reserve, believes the company’s goal is to track how all Australians feel about cryptocurrency and how it changes over the years. In addition, the data shows that women are less likely to enter the market than men. Like, older adults show resistance to entering the crypto market. Adrian in conjunction with Independent Reserve seeks opportunities to secure, educate and include women and girls from new communities.

Women versus awareness, adoption, trust, and security

The study showed 4 indicators of key attitudes Australians have towards cryptocurrencies. The think tank conducted a survey and concluded that 1 in 5 Australians between the ages of 25 and 44 own some form of cryptocurrency. In addition, the report showed that 18.4% of Australians have some cryptocurrency on the market and according to the data emphasizes an era of young adoption with interesting results.

On the other hand, the analysis revealed that 42.7% of Australians earn money and grow their wealth through cryptocurrencies in the year 2020; however, 21.8% expressed the opposite. That is why Australians choose to invest in cryptocurrencies, as they have confidence and security in the future of these assets.

Chloe White, National Blockchain Roadmap Lead, believes that the word must be spread. Men always ask me why women are not interested in Bitcoin and digital assets. However, the answer reveals that men tend to raise this issue with the risk of a new gender gap. However, women are much more reserved about the trust and security they feel about the issue of cryptocurrencies.

Karen Cohen, Deputy Chair of the Board of Blockchain Australia, believes that we are what we see and that it is required to make new women welcome and invite them to meetings. In addition, it suggests that more women should be advised and helps the new generations to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies. Women often organize inclusive events to teach more women.

Empowered women of cryptocurrencies

Recently a study dubbed “Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange BTC Markets” revealed that there is a significant increase in elderly clients who have used the platform over the past few years. In addition, women’s participation in investments has been 172%, while that of men is 80%. Women made the largest deposits, or about $2,381.

Caroline Bowler, CEO of BTC Markets, believes that young male traders have given up the monopoly of cryptocurrencies. The platform suggests in the analysis that the 65-year-old group has the highest initial deposit, namely $3,200, and a portfolio of $3,700 in cryptocurrencies.

Forcefully, the acquisition of cryptocurrencies among women grows considerably and Generation X is the one that leads that number. More women investors are interested and The Woman Post invites you to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies in the safest way possible.

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