Top 3 Ebooks Created by Women

Top 3 Ebooks Created by Women

Meet in The Woman Post, the best 3 ebooks, and the 3 women who made these stories come true.

Recently a report called “Evolution of digital market (ebooks, audiobooks, and podcasts) in Spain and Latin America – 2021 Report” published by Bookwire revealed that total sales revenue from e-books and audiobooks increased by 113% in 2020, compared to previous years. Likewise, the total revenue by publishers through subscription platforms has increased by 112%. The figures of the study indicate that digital exports represent 50% of digital revenues in Spanish publishers. However, Latin America, specifically Mexico, generates 16% of e-books.

The findings show that one of the triggers of the consumption of digital books was the health crisis of COVID-19, this made the sale will multiply by 4. The data collected in the analysis reveals that 85% of the e-books on sale cost less than 9.99 euros. Therefore, in 2021 a record number of 14,300 audiobooks will be available. This new record generates more than 13,000,000 euros for publishers.

On the other hand, the sale of individual e-books (downloads) generated a 97% increase in publisher turnover. All these exorbitant numbers in the study led to ranking the best audiobook platforms, which resulted in first place Storytel, second place Audible, and third place Scribd. These 3 platforms account for 85% of audiobook sales in the year 2021.

In the study, Elena Neira published an article called “Access and digitalization of consumption” and considers that COVID-19 caused a substantial change in the consumption of cultural goods and services. In addition, it suggests that leisure time increased and that the escape route was the internet.

The new young drivers bet on e-books

Recently another study called “Electronic books a consumption habit in 2022” carried out by Chiara Gianferotti and published by the Magazine Habitant a Globant Division reveals that young drivers bet on the electronic format intending to protect the environment and save money. The report that emerges from the Amazon study indicates that 70% of Spaniards are registered in some digital leisure subscription service. As well as series, movies, music, reading initiatives, and audiobooks.

The data from the report shows that young people consider digital readings to be eco-friendly, benefit the visually impaired, their search is instantaneous, and implement E-Ink technology.

Ranking of the 3 best-selling ebooks, and made by women

1. Sira, by María Dueñas

It is a novel with a theme of espionage, adventure, and great challenges carried out by the protagonist Sira. The actress exhausts her time between sewing and collaborates with the British Secret Service, eager to reveal her time of serenity. Arish Agoriuq known as Sira Bonnard reinvents her story to get ahead, with new experiences in motherhood.

2. Despiértame cuando acabe septiembre, by Mónica Rouanet

A woman named Amparo goes through a difficult few weeks in September, because they have to look for her husband’s body in the sandy bottom of the Turia and the Júcar. It was never known what was from Antonio’s life and he possibly slipped and hit his head. At the same time, she received a call for help from her son and decides to go find him, since she is not willing to live the same experience as the one she lived with her husband.

3. Me vuelves loco, by Isabel Keats

A love story between Ali and Konrad, who are the compulsive order against total disaster, however, despite the great differences deep love can still arise. Ali is disturbed by order and requires having everything under control to be calm. However, Konrad is different life schedules, and regimes, and is without limits. It is a story of erratic love and opposites, but they are attracted by love and understanding.2

Forcefully, these ebooks written by women who became famous for their creations reveal that the female gender can have an innate talent. In addition, new talented writers can emerge through ebooks, as she continues to increase her production. The future of ebooks depends on women writers who want to venture into the world. The Woman Post invites you to be the next boom with an ebook.

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