Rock in Rio 2022 Event: Young Women Leading Rock Music

Rock in Rio 2022 Event: Young Women Leading Rock Music

Meet in The Woman Post the most coveted Rock event of the year 2022 for the female gender.

Recently a study called “Underrepresented Women in Popular Music Finds a New Study” conducted by Mateo Ismael Ruizyjazz Monroe and published by Pitchfork revealed that less than 23% of artists and less than 2% of producers were women. The figures indicate that the report seeks to assess the gender and race-ethnicity of artists, composers, and producers. Dr. Stacy L. Smith, Dr. Katherine Pieper, Hannah Clark, Ariana Case, and Marc Choueiti received funding from Spotify for the research. They generated the fourth annual report of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative.

The findings of the analysis include other trends such as 31% of women soloists and 7.3% of women in bands, resulting in 21.6% of women artists in total. In addition, they include 12.6% of women composers. On the other hand, the report determined that artists of color were approximately 45.4%.

Heba Kadry, production and audio engineer at Bjork and Deerhunter, disagrees with the data behind the study because they are the same 3 big companies that hire the same 9 guys to work on everything. There are much more women in production than that 2% who stand out.

Women in Music: The Main Obstacle

Another recent study called “More Music presents a study on the situation of women in the music industry in 2020″ conducted by Gloria López and published by AmecoPress – Information for Equality revealed that the main obstacle that women musicians find to professionally developing their vocation, is that their leadership capacity continues to be questioned, just because they are women.

Más Músicas presented its first research study on the YouTube channel together with the consultants Sara Muras of Kaleidoscopic and Mar González of Human Focus, both of which aim to analyze the situation that women live in the music industry in 2020.

Currently, a woman’s success is linked to factors that have nothing to do with her professional career. These factors are usually due to their beauty or being accused of sexual favors. The findings of this research ensure that the facts are giving way to greater equality. In addition, there is a larger group of music programmers and promoters and women who lead groups.

The Más Músicas platform encourages and promotes the presence of women in this field. However, they are aware of the panorama that arose due to the COVID-19 health crisis. However, great difficulties can be overcome through a constant struggle for gender equality.

You Can’t Miss the Big Rock in Rio 2022 Event: For Women Only

Women will be able to celebrate the Rock in Rio 2022 event between September 2 and 11, 2022. At the Rock in Rio Palco Mundo meeting will be Iron Maiden on September 2, Post Mal One on September 3, and Justin Bieber on September 4. In addition, they will have the presence of Guns N’ Roses on September 8, Green Day on September 9, Coldplay on September 10, and Dua Lipa on September 11. This will be a new place with diverse voices of amazing women to have fun with Rock in Rio 2022.

Roberto Medina, Founder and Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio in 2001, believes that he realized that the weapons he has in his hands to make the world a little better are music and the festival. It’s what he knows how to do well. So let’s get the event going. In addition, it indicates that at least 65% of women will be at the festival, and women occupy even leadership positions. This is undoubtedly the difference of the new era in the music industry.

Forcefully, this initiative for women from the new world of rock music seeks to attract new talent, this is a great way to reinforce, celebrate and build the power, diversity, and inspiration of women.

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