3 Women Looking To Innovate in the Digital Green Future of 2022

3 Women Looking To Innovate in the Digital Green Future of 2022

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A study called “Women @ Work 2022: A Global Outlook” published by Deloitte revealed that in 2021 an important transformation was driven for many companies, that is, the impact was quite positive. Like, the report called “The Reinvention of Company Culture: 2022 Global Talent Trends” published by LinkedIn Talent Solutions reveals that companies are being reinvented culturally, with flexibility, well-being, and reorganization.

Judy Jackson, Global Head of Culture and Engagement, WPP, believes that in 2022 people know about their job options, they go beyond the name of the company or the salary. In addition, it suggests that these keys are entrenched in the culture and lead a way forward, which will be with distinction in the future.

Nickle La Moreaux, Director of Human Resources at IBM, says companies haven’t thought about job design, that is, where, when, and how tasks are done. Like that, he believes that empathy should be the pillar of all cultures.

Jen Fisher, Deloitte’s Chief Well-Being Officer, suggests that it is not a sustainable model to be savvy about work, as they do not generate great results.

Teuila Hanson, Director of Human Resources at LinkedIn, believes that innovation and progressive thinking must be developed quickly to optimize the quality of life of women workers. The results obtained from the study are due to a team of women collaborators, such as Claude Silver, Alice Scott, Danielle McMahan, Jenny Johnstone, Nina McQueen, Amy Schultz, Deniz Gultekin, Marta Riggins, Norlida Azmi, Becky Garroch, Desiree Caballero, Ju Min Wong, Mary Alice Vuicic, Christina Rasielski, Donna Nasserghodsi, Melani Bauer and Patty McCord.

Laura Lechuga

Laura Lechuga is the leader of the biosensor group of the Catalan Institute of Nanosciences and Nanotechnology (ICN2). His experience is based on developing rapid and decentralized diagnoses, so he contributes to society. The expert has 400 publications in high-impact journals and interventions in multiple projects.

Currently, Laura designed the concept and structure of nanosensors that allow laboratory analysis to be done much faster, cheaper, and more portable. Although it is a difficult process, the leader is a pioneer and considers that investment and the lack of specialized personnel are what the sector requires.

Emilia Méndez

Emilia Méndez achieves a social focus in her experience with technology. The leader seeks to provide and offer people with disabilities advice on robotics and home automation. The value of providing visibility to vulnerable people allows you to generate ideas, new projects, initiatives, and technical knowledge with an invaluable social disposition.

The expert implements a very particular way of bringing technology to women and girls who, unfortunately, are not incorporated into digitalization due to cultural issues.

Desirée Teijeiro

Desirée Teijeiro acquires the Doctorate in Pharmacy and Technology to develop new treatments for diseases inherent to the new generations. This advance has been remarkable nationally and internationally, as it generates new patents and licenses for vaccines and treatments.

Forcefully, all these women have ideas of value and transform the economic engines to get ahead. In short, they managed to optimize business processes with the implementation of technological applications.

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