Nadia Nadim: the diva of medicine and women’s football

Nadia Nadim: the diva of medicine and women’s football

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Nadia Nadim loves football and practices it as a hobby; she has never considered it a job.

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A study called “The Way of Change. FIFA Benchmarking Report: Women’s Football 2021” conducted and published by FIFA as the first comprehensive study on the current landscape of elite women’s football revealed that development and professionalization seek to achieve truly global football and accelerate the growth of women’s football.

The data collected from the report provide interesting results on women’s football from sports to financial. In addition, the findings come from a survey of a selection of 30 top-flight women’s leagues from around the world and 282 from their clubs. The first comprehensive study concluded that women’s national teams have a training structure for young players and occupy a position of number 13 and have a licensing system of 32%.

On the other hand, 65% of the leagues with teams that have coaches outperformed, because the training and development of coaches in women’s football is important.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino suggests boosting the development and growth of women’s football, both on and off the pitch. It believes that as interest increases, the current situation of elite women’s football should be deepened. FIFA experts are working to strengthen the challenges and opportunities to bring women’s football closer to more people and make it a global sport.

Sarai Bareman, Director of FIFA’s Women’s Football Division, suggests making the most of the opportunities and ensuring the ecosystem strongly and sustainably for women’s football around the world. He believes that the FIFA report creates a basis for the process of all groups involved in the sport.

Who is Nadia Nadim? Doctor & footballer

Nadia Nadim is a woman worthy of being a great leader and a reference model for many women, who at only 34 years of age managed to become the best footballer in the world, besides she is a surgeon with a specialization in reconstruction. In addition, she is an Ambassador of UNESCO and is an essential part as a member of Team Century, Hyundai, and Common Goal.

Nadia has an excellent professional career as a footballer on the Danish National Team. The leader seeks to unite the children of the communities through football to face challenges and ensure the safety of the next generations. She believes that football can move and unite people around the world. Nadia says she is a mixture of two cultures; she is not 100% Afghan or 100% Danish, according to Hyundai’s website.

Moreover, she channeled her desire to help other people in medical school, because she knows the value of helping another person when she has no hope. She remembers standing for several hours and holding an instrument while he could see well. His whole body hurt from the match and his pulse was racing. In addition, she believes that as a doctor she can help other people, which is why she qualified at the beginning of 2022 to become a doctor.

What is the future that awaits Nadia Nadim in both races?

An extraordinary future awaits the leader in both careers, including the companies where she is the main member because they provide support, participation, and collaboration to the Fútbol Más Foundation. The organization educates children to be good footballers and responsible people who conserve the planet we live on.

In short, she is a woman who works hard and strives to help other people with their diseases and health problems. Nadia sees reconstructive surgery as a job she spends most time in. However, in the sport, he also plays an important role in his main position as an attacker in his football team.

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