The Challenge for Women Writers in a World of Distracting Youth

The Challenge for Women Writers in a World of Distracting Youth

Who writes in such a disruptive world? The youth have dedicated themselves to making writing difficult for women; however, in this world nothing is impossible.

Recently TELOS published, the Journal of Thought, Society and Technology called “Writing: from Mesopotamia to the Binary Code, in TELOS 120” carried out by Roger Chartier and published by TELOS Telephone Foundation reveals the evolution of writing, its present, and its future associated with technology. The published data reviews the history of writing in TELOS 120 in which letters and signs link in a physical and digital reality. Experts believe that writing prologues thoughts in an old world that disappears and a new world that is indistinguishable.

The journal contains several articles and a set of three-dimensional illustrations, in which 6 authors approach writing from different experiences. That is, Amanda Lemus focuses on the theme entitled “The Lyrics”; Mar Abad reflects on the topic “Writing: the eagerness to catch the voice about how radio, podcast and virtual assistants make us see that the future will be very spoken“; Francois Musseau gives us information on the topic “Journalism assaults theaters”. In addition, Antonio Fernandez Vicente suggests the theme “The magic of writing in a distracted world”; Pablo Pérez-Manglano delves into the topic “The construction of digital product with NoCode; David Redoli focuses on the theme “From Atapuerca to the Moon” and Diego Moñux analyzes “Political innovation”

On the other hand, Álvaro Martín Valcárcel makes us think of “The correction of texts: technology and practice”; instead, Tatiana Komar dwells on the “Musical Alphabet”. However, Moussa Boumadan writes about “Sociocomputational thinking” and Alberto Valentín explains “DSA and DMA: the new digital regulation for the European Union”.

Amanda Lemus Cano, Coordinator of the Laboratory of Digital Publications and Interactive Systems of the Multimedia Center and guest author, addressed her article called “The letter” as the minimum unit that detonates reading, as a living agent with its own rules that came out of the support. In addition, it suggests forcing us to rethink written messages and accompany ourselves with technology. He considers that reflection is born when several people are involved to write because he seeks to clarify his ideas and tries to find logic along the way.

The voices and words disguised as women trying to seduce the minds of youth

An article called “Alejandro Rossi, the invention of the distracted” by Carlos Ávila Villamar and published by the Literal Magazine – Latin American Voices revealed that the “Handbook of the distracted” is a kind of ironic manual in which the author interprets different ways of manifesting hypocrisy. The author indicates ambiguous initial writing where he does not suggest anything on the subject, subsequently; third-party voices enter, provide images and reduce the absurdity. Some readers assume that Alejandro Rossi succeeded in the manual because it was later renamed “Guide of the Hypocrite“.

Other authors, such as Ernesto Baltar consider words to be lucid, exact, melodious, intelligent, penetrating, brimming with talent, and great irony. José Blanco thinks that he effortlessly fulfills the most pleasant acceptance that the verb to distract has. Like Luis Miguel Aguilar, he suggests that thinking is distracting, and feeling is distracting. However, years later, Luis Ignacio Helguera proposed that the distracted was not sleepwalking, but that the distracted is distracted because he concentrates. Victoria Camps expresses that the distracted takes just a little to see what others see. Luis Vilorio considers that the distraction of the everyday world everything is invented and nothing is definitive.

In short, not only has writing become difficult for women, but it is also difficult for young people not to remain distracted. The clock of words is an experience in its tone and wisdom, however, youth is so distracted that it does not know how to interpret its value.


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