Discover America Day 2022 Event: Women Pilots Leading Aviation

Discover America Day 2022 Event: Women Pilots Leading Aviation

The Woman Post invites you to meet some women who are in the aviation industry sector. Although they are few, they all deserve to be awarded and find success in their lives.

A study called “Closing the Gap: Improving Diversity and Inclusion in the U.S. Aviation Workforce July 20, 2021” by Rebecca Lutte revealed that the number of women in aviation has changed very little over the years or just one percentage point. However, there are concerns about the lack of conversion of female student pilots and the implications that this situation could entail for the future.

The data collected indicate that there are barriers to recruitment to address them, which are the need for additional outreach, the lack of women in leadership positions and the need for commitment to diversity and inclusion, the cost of entry for training, and the balance between family and work, as well as gender harm and sexual harassment in the industry. The expert identifies and shows recommendations to meet the challenges of creating greater female representation and of course more success in the future of aviation.

Rebecca Lutte, an associate professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha but previously a U.S. Representative on transportation and infrastructure and an Aviation subcommittee, believes in closing the gap and improving diversity and inclusion in the U.S. aviation workforce. In addition, it suggests that it is essential for the future of the aviation industry that we have a broad representation in our workforce. On the other hand, it expresses that targeting a wider and more diverse group of talent is necessary.

Discover America Day 2022 Event: Empowered Women in Aviation

Recently an article was published in which the Committee “Visit the United States” of Panama together with the Commercial Service of the Embassy of the United States of Panama, Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica held the largest event of the time called “Discover America Day 2022 Event“, which seeks to enhance the leadership of women in the aviation sector and promote the United States as a tourist destination for Latin Americans.

On the other hand, the modality of the initiative was blended and had the participation and collaboration of 50 Panamanian agents and operators in person and with more than 500 virtual visitors from different countries of the world. The program exchanged information and strengthened significant commercial ties with new business opportunities. In addition, the event was sponsored by the U.S. Tourism Association and Brand USA.

Women leading the way in aviation speed and accuracy

Aisha Al Mansoori

First Senior Officer of the commercial airline “Etihad Aviation Group”

An article by Helwing Villamizar revealed that the new captain is proud to be the first Emirati woman to hold the position of captain and hopes to be an inspiration to other younger women to pursue the same career. In addition, she considers herself grateful to have the opportunity to join the Etihad Cadet Pilot initiative and train with excellent skills for the rank she has now.

Zara Rutherford

Aviation Pilot

The leader won a second Guinness World Record, at just 19 years old. In just 5 months he went around the world and met 52 countries on 5 continents. The young woman hopes that other women will know her story and that the new generations will follow in her footsteps.

Verónica Marambio

Commercial Manager of International Markets and Regional Development of JetSMART Airlines

The aviation leader believes that the industry now has a high component of talented women in managerial positions. In addition, it suggests increasing female participation in the command crew, to reach at least 25% of female pilots by 2025.

Nathaly Arbeláez Luna

Commercial Manager of Sarpa

Nathaly believes that our achievements do not depend on being women, but on what we want to do. Moreover, it suggests that our rights go beyond being women; it is only because we are individuals.

Catalina Rondón

Flapz Country Manager Colombia (Private Aviation Marketplace)

She believes that women are now less paid, but every day the work we do and female leadership has made it possible for women to apply to managerial positions. It suggests that the intention is to grow our potential and show that the female gender injects adrenaline into companies.

In short, aviation is a sector poor in femininity, but over the years it will be enriched by the power, enthusiasm, strength, and courage of women. Little by little, women at the time will close the gap between men and women leaders of aviation.


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