Tops Start-Ups for Women Health

Tops Start-Ups for Women Health

In healthy issues, both men and women indeed have specialties for each gender, and on this occasion, we want to highlight the undertakings that aim at equity and health care for both

Every day the applications and the options in technology allow us to have access to the medical treatment, and care needs of our health and that of our partner, family, children, and friends. This is the list of the most outstanding, some of them founded and directed by women, others by men:

Ro is a telehealth startup that operates digital health clinics for men’s and women’s health and campaigns and strategies to stop smoking.

Myovant Sciences is to deliver innovative women’s health (endometriosis treatment) and prostate cancer solutions by providing information about new options and medications available.

Maven Clinic is a virtual clinic dedicated to women and family health. It helps both mothers and their families throughout the process from conception to pregnancy and postpartum.

Kindbody offers a very complete portfolio that includes health services, fertility, and treatments for women.

Elvie is a British femtech company dedicated to developing electronic and artificial intelligence devices for women.

Palta (previously Haxuss) is a technology company focused on providing solutions for health and wellness.

Tia is a company that provides care for women in a hybrid virtual and face-to-face mode.

The Pill Club aims to solve the problem of difficult access to birth control methods.

Renovia is the manufacturer of a system that provides management and therapy for pelvic floor disorders, which is approved by the FDA.

Flo Health is a developer of Flo, the artificial intelligence-based product dedicated to providing guidance for girls and women for every stage of their sexual and reproductive life from menstruation, conception, pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause.

Willow makes the Women’s Portable Breast Pump make your life easier while breastfeeding.

Around the globe, there are still difficulties for girls and women to access information, elements, and prevention campaigns regarding their sexual and reproductive health, resulting in teenage pregnancies, lack of birth control and monitoring, and postpartum care. These and other initiatives including technology make it possible to facilitate access to information and in some way anticipate diseases and female mortality.

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