A Dose of Confidence

A Dose of Confidence

A tour of Paris in a series reminded me of a saying that "constancy wins what happiness cannot" to which I would add that this happens as long as there is trust.

I love seeing that comedy teaches us to believe in ourselves, our roots, and our culture.

Warning: This is not a review of audiovisual content, it is a reflection of what we all have at hand that we can use to our advantage, but most of the time we only activate when we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place.

I speak of that powerful word that I love that I profess and that I cultivate in other people, I love it the more I know it because from its etymological origin it is powerful.

Those who have studied it present it as the mixture of -con- which refers to everything added to the root -fi- which comes from the verb fiar, from the Latin -fidere-, which in turn comes from -fides-: loyalty, faith.

Nothing more spectacular could come out of this union than trust, that which we want, that we need in the most challenging moments, but that slips through our fingers like water.

I’ll give you an example of what happens when we don’t have it: a couple of days ago a close person told me how, being convinced of his position, having defended it and proven it with results, under pressure from a couple of people who told him that he was wrong, she changed her mind and accepted against her ideas and the reality that she had already challenged, that her position was not true.

It seems absurd, but it is very common and so that we can test it, how about stopping right now to analyze: When was the last time we lost confidence in what we were thinking or saying? and why did this happen?

Just as this nightmare becomes real and possible, we have lived it, in everyday life, some people seriously believe, not out of stubbornness, in what they say, and without a doubt, they are the ones who make the difference.

They are those individuals who are not intimidated by challenges, or who do not change course with the first no, and who, depending on how attached they are to the idea, can take criticism and opposition as their best fuel.

I love what lies behind the protagonist, the conviction that is not compromised, a unique style that leaves its mark and that makes both her and her ideas shine, accepting that it is not about being liked by everyone, but about staying firm in their positions.

This is the gift that gives me the attitude of being an eternal learner and I share it with you, thanks to the trust we will achieve:

  • The clarity in what we are above the concern for what we want others to see.
  • Actions that support what we think and speak.
  • Consistency is accompanied by openness to receive new knowledge.
  • Precision in the words we use to deliver our ideas.

Where we least imagine there is inspiration, in every interaction that surrounds us there is Communication Awareness and without a doubt receiving or not the tools to make our ability the best resource depends 100% on us.

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