Cartagena De Indias: A Dream Paradise for Everyone and Owned by No One

Cartagena De Indias: A Dream Paradise for Everyone and Owned by No One

The city of Cartagena de Indias, located in the Colombian Caribbean, is one of those cities that could become a dream destination for many, for tourism or simply to walk the streets.

Cartagena that is advertised as paradisiacal.

A tour of this beautiful city represents many different attractions. From its historical center, surrounded by walls that date from the time when foreign ships arrived, here is a representation of what was experienced in the inquisition, slavery, and that today, through the streets of Getsemaní keep a charm Particular and romantic in every way.

Plaza Santodomingo and its surrounding restaurants offer an unparalleled gastronomic variety.

For museum lovers, there is also an exciting offer.

On the other hand, Cartagena has the stone constructions such as its walls, and the castle of San Felipe, which remains intact despite the passing of the years and in whose dungeons the historical data is mixed with the astonishment of the visitor and tourists.

The islands, beaches, and typical Cartagena food delight Colombians and foreigners from all latitudes. It is part of the travel plan to go to Barú, Tierrabomba, and Islas del Rosario, where you can enjoy warm sea water, scuba diving, and boating.

Unfortunately, there is another facet of this world heritage city, which the writer Teresita Goyeneche Perezbardi, daughter of the professed Cartagena native Freddy Goyeneche, reflects on us in her book LA PERSONALIDAD DE LOS PELÍCANOS, which will be released on December 14.

In the description of its content and the motivation to write it, she states:

“…Between 2012 and 20219, Cartagena went through a long interim (more than one mayor per year) due partly to the history of corruption and negligence that is already customary in the city. This book comes to answer a question that is important to many in the city and Colombia: how did the fifth largest economy in Colombia and the tourist and historical capital of the country get to that state? The personality of the pelicans is then a chronicle that seeks to answer that question. In it, the author uses as a pretext to understand the Cartagena political history of the last 35 years, since in 1988 we began to elect mayors by popular vote. She does it because there is a theory that says that many of the problems of contemporary local politics arise precisely from this transition from representative to participatory democracy. But, the book is a first-person chronicle that tells what it was like to grow up in that Cartagena in the 80s and 90s that was beginning to position itself as a Latin American tourist destination, but also a port and commercial power. A classist, racist, and corrupt city from its birth. Along these lines, Goyeneche not only speaks to the people of Cartagena, whom he constantly questions in the book (the title is a provocation for them) but also to a young reader from any tourist place who has experienced the paradox of growing up in paradise, the place that everyone wants to visit, everyone’s city and therefore nobody’s city..”

At The Woman Post, we are pleased to invite you to this launch at Librería Prólogo cra 5 # 67- 01, Bogotá to make this young writer known and to acquire this book that contains a reality based on her experience and her analysis of that Cartagena of which many do not know its true daily life and that perhaps, It has prevented it from reaching a fantastic social, cultural and economic development.

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