5 Ideas For Fun and Unforgettable Virtual Celebrations

5 Ideas For Fun and Unforgettable Virtual Celebrations

It's the holiday season, and you're asking yourself: how do I celebrate with my team and have fun at the same time?

It's the holiday season, and you're asking yourself: how do I celebrate with my team and have fun at the same time?.

Elevate Experiences is a company that specializes in creating events people love, whether the occasion is virtual or in person. The organization gives away these five ideas for making more memorable your virtual holiday party.

1. Mail them something

The value of sending something in the mail is so important these days now more than ever. A couple of ideas are cookies, candy canes, or ingredients for a special drink that you can make on a virtual event so everyone can have the elements live. It seems simple, but if you get intentional about mailing people something, they will appreciate it. Giving away these little details make employees value their work.

2. Costume contest

This could be with your kids at home or your team members at work. Challenge your team to press into this idea of creating a costume contest. It may seem like a throwback jam back to middle school or high school, but it's funny to do something intentional just for fun with your team, particularly during the holidays, to gain some momentum and excitement with them.


3. Surprise guest

Think about how out of your regularly scheduled program you bring somebody on that does a song; it could be a choir or a live musician. You can also bring a famous speaker that connects with the guests and make them feel like the time they are spending at the virtual party is precious. If you impress them with something that's out of the ordinary and they don't expect, you will make the event more enjoyable.

4. Give awards

If you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can make trophies of wood or any other material. The important thing is to give others a memory of a physical thing that took you effort and time to complete. You can send these awards so the guests can receive them at the front of their house. When they are in a live event, they can go outside to check if the recognition is there. Giving awards is a meaningful way to celebrate the holiday season.

5. Play a game

There are many virtual interactive games that you can play in. Don't negate the power of getting your team to smile and to engage. This could be for awards, a prize, or just for fun's sake. But play a game and do that intentionally around your company's theme over the last year or something you're moving into for the next year.

There are unique ways to do something virtually and be socially distant, caring about people in the process. With this mindset, you can help people live and lead at a higher level. Despite the difficulties, life goes on. If you show your guests that difficult times can't stop all of you from spending time together, interact, and celebrate, they will adapt and even prefer virtual parties.

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