Sorority Opens Real Economic Growth

Sorority Opens Real Economic Growth

The support and backing of a large group of women is the key to closing the gaps and the success of the female gender. 

The support and backing of a large group of women is the key to closing the gaps and the success of the female gender. 

Currently, the struggle of the female gender for the vindication of their rights has become paramount for the whole world. Sisterhood of perceiving oneself as equals is based on a relationship of friendship, only because of the commitment to be a woman. However, this concept goes further; this has to do with the transformation of bonds between women.

A recent study called "Research: Men and Women Need Different Types of Networks to Succeed" by Brian Uzzi, a professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and published in Harvard Business Review, reveals that men need centrality and women need dual networks. The data collected indicate that women already have a high centrality, but also maintain intimate female relationships. In addition, 1 to 3 women who have both skills demonstrated 2.5 times more authority and remuneration.

Success also depends on the circle of intimate relationships in which they perform best. However, the findings suggest that there is a possibility of entrenching with a disruptive perspective the creation of smarter sorority networks.

On the contrary, men with high centrality boosted their location and controlled only 1.5 times more individual characteristics with domination and retribution. That is why women face a great challenge in the progress of their networks, allowing them to close gaps and generate good job opportunities.

Women Who Encourage Sisterhood

The website links the voices of 33 great Colombian women leaders with unique talent and provides strength in their social and work environments. Women like Adriana Senior, Adriana Bernal, Ale Velasco, Ana Quessep, Andrea Hernández, Beatriz Arbeláez, Camila Escobar, Carolina Angarita, Carolina Durán, Carolina Ibargüen and Catalina Escobar do not miss the opportunity to offer the female gender for free to belong to the Sorority Movement 2021. That is why The Woman Post invites you to participate in various groups of women leaders with the purpose of opening the doors in other labor sectors.


How To Promote Sisterhood in Women?

The book called "Feminist perspectives to strengthen the leadership of young women" by Martha Castañeda reveals in its first section the critical perspectives of the sorority expert Marcela Lagarde. These keys have contributed to the recognition of human rights and the redefinition of women in citizenship. However, movements and sisterhood among women have led to great radical transformations in society. That is why the empowerment of the female gender has emerged as an alternative for equality and equity between women and men.

1. Don't rate other women's physical appearances. In some cases, women's physical appearances are due to a lack of financial resources to improve this aspect. However, appearance has nothing to do with a person's talent. Explore a person's aptitudes and attitudes before judging them.

2. Avoid harming other women's sexuality. Currently, there are other genders that are stigmatized by society, such as LGBTI+ groups. However, avoid making denigrating qualifiers. Remember that talent is what counts in people.

3. Develop relevant topics that incorporate other women. Covering topics of different content promotes sisterhood in women. The important thing is to emphasize physical well-being and provide the opportunity to consolidate in your sector.

4. Respect the decisions and opinions of other women. Individual decisions should not be a purpose for discriminating or making destructive criticisms.

5. Supports cases of vulnerability, such as discrimination, harassment, or gender-based violence. Society needs to create spaces against discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence.

In short, trust, fidelity, support, sisterhood, sisterhood becomes identifying other women to build a world without grudges. The important thing is that everyone can be united and work for diversity. Join The Woman Post and be part of our space!

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