Take All the Breaks You Need!

Take All the Breaks You Need!

Has it happened to you that sometimes you sleep, but you don't really feel that you have fully recovered?

Has it happened to you that sometimes you sleep, but you don't really feel that you have fully recovered?

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According to Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, breaks can be described in 7 areas of our lives: Physical, Mental, Creative, Sensory, Spiritual, Emotional, and Social.

The idea is to be clear about what each of these concepts implies and identify what they represent for our lives and well-being.

Each activity represents an expenditure of energy that accumulates as the day and week goes by, causing you to feel tired and can become chronic. And this wear is not limited to our physical being, but mentally it also causes an accumulation of burdens that are not necessarily recovered by lying on a sofa or sleeping for more hours.

Studies published by Deloitte and Stanford show that high levels of stress and insomnia lead to a lack of motivation for activities or jobs, manifested by repetitive symptoms of fatigue.

According to Dr. Saundra Daulton-Smith, it is necessary to identify those activities that affect your energy deficit to know how to restore it.

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In the case of mental fatigue, it is advisable to assume a routine: take small breaks during the day and establish a time to go to bed to sleep. For this, you can place alarms on your cell phone that remind you. A great help is to analyze your environment, the type of lights, chairs, environmental noises such as phone rings, application notifications, and others that do not allow a real concentration on your tasks. This is how you should take "intentional moments of disconnection" throughout the day and at night.

Artistic expressions such as photographs, works, sculptures, colors, decorations, and others related to creativity can bring great relief to your day-to-day life. Put your personal touch on your space and renew it from time to time.

For your emotional rest, always surround yourself with positive people, who appreciate your and who contribute to constructive conversations. This applies to your coworkers, friendships, and romantic relationships. Say a definite NO to toxic relationships. Nothing is as exhausting as dealing with problematic and conflictive people.

For your physical balance, spend a few hours practicing yoga, hiking trails, riding a bike, walking your dog, and other activities that provide you with a little fresh air. If you live near a park, take a few moments out of your apartment or house, and walk around enjoying the scenery.

Taking new habits is an important part so you dedicate rest spaces in the seven areas raised in this article. You will notice that the change will be noticeable in a few days! Dedicate time for yourself and your integral harmony.

Finally, we recommend reading Dr. Dalton-Smith's book: "Sacred Rest: Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, Restore Your Sanity."

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