These are Latin America’s Favourite Superheroes

These are Latin America’s Favourite Superheroes

The main superheroes of Marvel and DC comics have been catapulted back into the public eye over recent years thanks to an incredibly popular string of movies

The main superheroes of Marvel and DC comics have been catapulted back into the public eye over recent years thanks to an incredibly popular string of movies.

While these movies have had a significant global impact, different parts of the world have their own superheroes that have inspired their local populations. So that's why here we are going to look closer at some of the superheroes of Latin America, their origins, and how they have generated such popularity in that part of the world. 

Águila Solitaria

First on the list, we have the Mexican superhero Águila Solitaria, who was created way back in 1976 by Héctor González Dueñas. The sole survivor of an American tribe, he is blessed with both super intelligence and strength. His main enemy in the series is Morgan, who was responsible for murdering his father, and so he has sworn revenge against him. Spending his time living in the mountains with the eagles, he learnt their ways and even developed the ability to fly. A true superhero indeed! 

El Cazador

A staple of the superhero genre is the antihero, and El Cazador from Argentina has been compared to Punisher. Aimed at an adult audience, he was created as a clear criticism of the Argentine government and society in general during the 1990s. Like Deadpool, he is immortal, which was the result of him falling prisoner to a tribe of shamans.

White Tiger 

Now, we move back to the world of Marvel and their initial launch of a Latino superhero, White Tiger. For more information about the mainstream favourite superheroes in Latin America, check out the Cash Lady website. White Tiger was created in 1975 and first came into being in the Deadly Hands of Kung Fu comic. Three tiger-shaped amulets give him different abilities, including superstrength, ultra-fast reflexes, and the ability to master martial arts. Other family members would then go on to wear the amulets and gain the abilities associated with them.

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El Chapulín Colorado

A superhero that has continued to be broadcast on television since 1970, El Chapulín Colorado is known by many people in the region. His charitable endeavours also categorize this unique hero to help those in need using a range of tools at his disposal including vinyl antennas; the paralyzing cicada; and the 'chiquitolin' pills.

La Borinqueña

Last on the list, we have La Borinqueña, who is a Latina superhero created relatively recently in 2016. The character was originally designed to be a shining symbol of hope against the debt crisis in Puerto Rico. Her super abilities include superstrength, the power of flight, and an ability to control storms. One of the main intentions was to ensure that she did not conform to the regular stereotypes about Latinas. 

These five superheroes are just some of the figures who have gained popularity in Latin America. There are plenty more to discover, and you can find some on Bookriot. For comic book fans, it is certainly worth exploring these comics. 

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