May Our Voice Be Used Conscientiously

May Our Voice Be Used Conscientiously

After several weeks of reflection, I am delighted to return to this space for conversation that will surely reach the right hands and minds.

This time my lyrics hope to get out of the obvious and that we see a different perspective on the fact that not always giving up the battle can be, in some cases, more powerful than consuming yourself in it.

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This reflection is born from witnessing an uncontrolled reaction space within a community of women before the result of a measurement of the participation and visibility of leaders in the business context.

The explosion of comments and positions shows that there are spaces where more than fighting for rights, whether for reasons of gender, race, or any other reason, they are created to reach the highest volume, not to generate and share the contribution or the strongest idea, as it should be.

This action, that of giving weight to the voice and not to the idea, makes something essential to be forgotten: activism does not mean harassment, it does not mean rudeness, it does not mean clumsiness, it does not mean blindness; The fight for our rights must be the tool to generate awareness and action in the face of the difficulties that people face and not to cause more differences, that cause harm.

Seeking equity requires us, among other behaviors, to know how to listen to different opinions to understand and then seek those longed-for paths of change, which is the opposite of listening to attack or refute. We already know and we have shown that we do have the necessary capacity to transform realities when we believe in them, but that forces us to do it responsibly and with the respect that we demand so much.

To be heard we can neither trample on, nor attack, nor silence others, let us remember that if we do not know how to observe what the other person says, we lose the ability to see the difference and we move even further away from the possibility of reaching a solution or The transformation.    

As I recently read, “setting aside prejudices is a requirement to be able to fight for our causes and not be our worst enemies”. We are going to open our minds by learning from others and using our voices with awareness and respect.

In a pluralistic world, the achievements of some should not only be the victory of all, they can be the opportunity for those who have not achieved them to review what they need to get there.

UN-Habitat in its setting has taught us that collective action is required to advance on the path of development and we are not talking about just one gender, we must work together.

Let's use our voice conscientiously to open the doors to opportunities and encourage the change we want to see. My conclusion is that before reacting, we must review ourselves so as not to hit the world.

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