L’Oreal invites us to strengthen self-esteem and fight harassment

L’Oreal invites us to strengthen self-esteem and fight harassment

It is such a frequent phenomenon that it has come to be socially normalized and, in addition to the handling of complaints that leads to re-victimization, generates a minimum number of effective reactions.

Sometimes, the actions that can be described as street harassment are not fully identified, and that of course does not generate actions to stop it. The figures show that 80% of women have received demonstrations of street harassment that can clearly be described as such and that they represent violence and violation of rights.

Among these we have:

• Looks that bother

• Noises, whistles

• Conversation search

• Ask for personal data

• Following someone

• Exhibitionism

• Inappropriate rubbing or touching

In summary, according to the definition of harassment, it is any manifestation that disturbs or bothers a person.

L’Oréal and Ipsos surveyed women in the US, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, and India called the “International Survey on Sexual Harassment in Public Spaces“, according to which it shows that 80% of women have come to receive demonstrations that can clearly be described as street harassment, compared to the number of complaints, which is too low.

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To counteract this problem of this form of violence, Right To Be, a global people-empowered movement to end harassment works to ensure equal and safe access to public spaces, and L’Oréal Paris, a leading beauty products firm, with a presence in 130 Countries around the world, on 5 continents, decided to unite to launch a campaign to defend the rights and protect the dignity of both women and men and STAND UP was born, whose graphic symbol is the capital letter D, citing the methodology of the 5D:

• Delegate

• Document

• Distract

• Delay

• Direct

On the website https://www.standup-international.com/us/en/, you will find options for information, training, and tools to stop street harassment and strengthen your self-esteem.

They propose a series of very interesting dynamics that generate interaction with web users and visitors, by promoting the actions that can be taken, both as observers and as victims, and how to react assertively.

They offer two types of training: virtual 10-minute online or schedule a session with a professional who will provide all the necessary information.

A relevant aspect of the STAND-UP campaign and its 5D methodology is the permanent assertion that we can all do something; we can all take action both to help and support possible victims and to decide the path in case we get to have a situation of street harassment.

All forms and manifestations of violence to our well-being, to our tranquility, whatever affects our rights, must be overshadowed, fought, and denounced until it is regulated worldwide and thus women (and even men) have the freedom to walk calmly through the streets without this affecting their moral, psychological, or physical integrity in any possible way.

And you, have you had any situation of street harassment? Do you think we can act on this problem? We would love to receive your comments on this article.

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