Strategy to empower young women toward their future

Strategy to empower young women toward their future

The stages of pre-adolescence, adolescence, and youth of our women are increasingly difficult and complex to face, especially due to the rain of messages on social networks

A decade ago, the Dove brand began a campaign to provide tools to support self-esteem processes in young women throughout the world.

This is how, through its website, it provides educational resources for Parents, Teachers, and for young women who find encouraging messages, empowering, that give them confidence, courage, and tips for improvement so that they can get where they want and dream big.

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Girls all over the world suffer social, cultural, and even peer pressures as they grow up and go through stages of puberty, adolescence, and youth, since, in some countries unconsciously, even from family comments, going through religious issues and cultural, we surround them with messages that question them and make them doubt their place in the world and affect their desire to belong, so high in these stages of their lives.

Currently, the permanent link of their daily life with electronic devices, messages over the internet and even more so, social networks, in which visual resources, photographs, selfies, and videos is what marks the trend and in which they are immersed day and night, provoke in them an idealization about their image and what they project, affecting their self-esteem.

Developed under the direction of Dr. Phillippa Driedrichs, University of the West of England, Associate Professor at the Center for Appearance Research, Dove's self-esteem material is aimed particularly at girls aged 11-14, who, as she states, it is the age in which many changes are generated that create questions and pressure on girls. However, it can be used at other ages, according to the criteria of fathers, mothers, teachers, and counselors according to their needs.

There are many videos on different topics of great interest, such as:

Acceptance of physical appearance.

• Meetings between mothers and daughters exchanging encouraging and training messages.

• Questions about toxic messages on social networks.

Positive body confidence.


• The benefits of exercise.

• The importance of self-care.

Communication as an assertive tool.

• The effect of placing nicknames and nicknames.

Sometimes we are unaware or unaware of the great influence that the messages of entertainment influencers and public figures can have on our girls. It is key to talk to them frequently since it is impossible to limit or close access to these videos and "tips" to reach a proper body weight, hide imperfections, change your hair, to not feel uncomfortable with the color of your hair. skin, height, and other characteristics. And all this has repercussions is low self-esteem which comes to determine the state of mind, the character and indisputably can lead to making wrong decisions.

Working on the self-esteem of our girls and young people is a priority and joint working groups of fathers, mothers, teachers, and counselors can be formed to open spaces for dialogue, of trust, in which they do not feel intimidated by sharing their feelings and perceptions. , but feel that they can ask, consult and ask questions with the certainty of receiving answers, affection, and guidance.

A timely intervention, an encouraging word, can reverse devastating effects, and strengthen self-esteem that will surely result in more secure women, confident in themselves, who take timely, positive, and assertive attitudes in the face of diverse and complex situations in their personal lives, social, affective, and professional. In this way, we will strengthen the new generations to demand and defend their rights, establish their leadership, move forward with their projects, and be women leaders from the various sectors and activities in which they perform as friends, wives, executives, social leaders, and entrepreneurs. and mothers.

From The Woman Post, we believe that it is up to us, as women, to take action, empower girls and young women and inspire them as agents of change, primarily working on themselves so that they are women who impact the world.

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