Adriana Rivera: “All women are beautiful and we can move the world”

Adriana Rivera: “All women are beautiful and we can move the world”

The Woman Post connected the Colombian Adriana Rivera in Spain where she has lived for years. We were in arrears to have this valuable woman in our online medium who has invested great efforts in her academic training and professional practice. She is a franchise specialist, president of ColEmpresarias (Colombian Association of Businesswomen), and a teacher. Her work to make Colombian businesswomen visible on international stages adds altruistic weight to her life

Adriana's family roots are in one of the most beautiful departments in Colombia for its natural beauty, kind and generous people, and immense natural resources: Boyacá. She studied at the Colombian School of Engineering and is also accredited with an MBA in International Business and a PhD in Senior Management with an emphasis on Franchises and Growth Models, made in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

She recently became president of ColEmpresarias, an organization that brings together Colombian women and where they find opportunities to participate in international education and training programs through universities and recognized firms: "I think they named me president because I know the dynamics of the organization Well, I've been part of the board of directors for a few years. My purpose is to make businesswomen visible in the international market since many of them sell their services and products only in local markets. I want the world to know about them and fortunately, I have connections that will help contribute to this goal”.

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Consulting for two decades

Through her company that celebrates 20 years of activity in 2023, Rivera Expansión (, Adriana promotes the meeting between businessmen and entrepreneurs: "Our four lines of business are oriented towards internationalization, franchises -the oldest -, high impact entrepreneurship and solutions in Spain. In the first, we act as a bridge for entrepreneurs with a network of 58 countries where they will find the international markets they need in terms of franchises and large distributors”, she explains.

The second line that she talks about has offices in Bogotá, Miami, and Madrid "where the companies that ask us for it acquire the added value of selling franchises through a structure designed by us”. Thirdly, Rivera Expansión addresses a high-impact front so that entrepreneurs can access investment funds and financing rounds, among other things: "The entrepreneur accesses mentoring and reconverts his business to take it to higher levels”,  he points out. Adriana Rivera, without forgetting that her company can take Colombian, Asian, and other countries businesses to Spain, and for this "we provide legal advice, market studies, information on taxes and interim management services".

Women first

Adriana Rivera believes in women entrepreneurs and supports them through preferential rates on the condition that the boards of directors of the companies she supports are made up of more women than men: "I consider this a mission for me”.

This mission includes facilitating processes for business women, which extends to opening training paths for them through agreements with Colombian universities such as El Rosario, EAN, EAFIT -in Medellín-, del Norte -in Barranquilla-, Jorge Tadeo Lozano and the Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración, CESA, among other academic institutions: “There is also room for men, but many women usually enroll in our training offers and for them we have special discounts. Statistics tell us that the women we advise make their companies grow and generate jobs”.

For their ability to persist and initiative in business, Adriana Rivera admires Latina women, especially Colombian women: "For their survival and that of their families, they do not give up, they are tenacious, and I think that has its roots in a country like Colombia, where you have to fight a lot to achieve your goals. Colombian women cannot afford to decline, I know many who leave the country, become entrepreneurs, and, in a high percentage, are successful”.

Time for everything

How does Adriana Rivera distribute her time in so many activities? It's a mystery! The truth is that this versatile and valuable Colombian woman, in addition to the hours she dedicates to the activities described, is a teacher at three universities in Madrid: "I love this job because I share real business experiences with the students, but I also give them some lessons of ethics, transcending a little the programs of the subjects”.

A few days ago, Adriana married a businessman from Galicia and from these pages of The Woman Post, we congratulate her. Among her plans is to continue contributing to Colombia through her professional practice in Europe, always depending on the businessmen, large or small. Her message at the end of our interview: "All women are beautiful and can move the world”.

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