Activate your feminine creative energy in action

Activate your feminine creative energy in action

The female creative energy in action (Shakti) is present in everything and everyone. It is a frequency and vibration present in all planes of existence, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

The female creative energy in action (Shakti) is the creative force that gives life through love, embodies self-love, and is the ability to receive, as masculine energy is characterized by giving. When a being opens up to receiving, they activate its feminine energy and potentialize the ability to give life to something new. Feminine energy is defined as the ability to create life through love, it is the most intense manifestation of being. It is expressed through self-love, independent of gender or sex, and to balance the human being, it is necessary to have a balance between feminine and masculine energy since both are part of creation and create everything.

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Female empowerment through the development of female energy

Empowerment means recovering the ability to take care of ourselves, the ability to love ourselves, to nurture ourselves, far from any stereotype or role attributed to the feminine concept, linked to plastic standards of beauty or aesthetics. Being feminine is not having big breasts or a big butt, being feminine goes beyond that, it is developing qualities such as intuition, creativity, inspiration, communication, cooperation, compassion, flowing, self-care and self-restraint, and learning to receive, knowing that we deserve the best. To develop female energy, we can perform different activities, all related to the qualities mentioned above:

Connect with nature by taking walks or outdoor walks, allowing yourself to enjoy the environment, the smells, and the landscape, to disconnect from anything that involves competition and rivalry since this is very masculine.

Learn to read your impulses, and connect with the heart and everything that goes beyond the mental plane, it will allow you to develop your intuition, that is, it will allow you to know without knowing, surpassing all mental logic and reasoning.

Release your emotions by attending women's circles to work on them or by attending with a therapist, it will allow you to carry out an inner healing process, to flow more calmly through life.

Practice meditation, contemplation, breathing techniques, and relaxation will allow you to activate female energy and develop your spirituality much more.

• Activate your creative side through dance and let all the expression of your body come out, feeling how music activates every part of your body and letting it express itself freely


Write, sing, paint, cook. In all of these, you will find a wonderful way to express your creative potential and develop your feminine energy.

Learn to listen to the signals your body sends you, what you feel and where you feel it, what needs it has. Connect with your soul and you will thus connect with the divinity that inhabits you, then you will connect with your feminine creative energy that will allow you to create the life you deserve.

Reserve a moment for yourself every day, for self-care, give yourself a delicious bath, give yourself a relaxation massage, and go to a spa. A conscious bath will allow you to connect with your emotions to clean and purify all the feelings you have accumulated. Remember that water has a direct relationship with the emotional body and will allow you to eliminate dense feelings if you put your feminine energy in the middle to flow and clean your emotional body.

Do everything that makes you happy, this allows your feminine energy to flow, and you can express your deepest self.

Art is feminine energy in action, it is the symbolic expression of the interpretation of the world, feelings, emotions, and experiences that are manifested in different forms and manifestations: written, spoken, recorded, sculpted, painted, sung, carved, drawn, danced, etc. It is the feminine creative energy in action, embodied in every manifestation of life, nature, and aesthetics. Woman, art, and earth are feminine creative energy in action: Shakti.

Woman, Mother Earth, and art are feminine creative energy in action, giving life to new creations and new forms of life. As such, women become the force that the environment needs to survive, while Mother Earth nurtures the feminine energy with her own energy, allowing it to continue shaping everything it touches. Mother Nature is herself a work of art with a thousand colors, sounds, shapes, sculptures, and carvings, found in every perfect materialization of creation. None can exist without the other as they are a perfect symbiosis.

Balancing feminine and masculine energy

Balancing the feminine and masculine energy that exists within us allows us to potentiate our feminine creative energy in action, because balance is found in giving and receiving, and the necessary feedback to create is given. Finding balance between feminine and masculine energy means accepting that duality exists within us and if we harmonize reason and emotion, we find balance between the masculine and the feminine. The introspection provided by feminine energy allows you to know where to go and who you are, and the action provided by masculine energy allows you to reach your goals. Therefore, feminine creative energy in action represents the balance between feminine and masculine energy.

To maintain balance between your feminine and masculine energy, allow yourself to know which one predominates in you and engage in activities that allow you to harmonize them, to know exactly what you want and where you want to go, and to go for it. For example, through yoga, you can activate your masculine side with more intense practices, while you can cultivate your feminine side through meditation and strengthening your more spiritual side. In this way, feminine creative energy in action can be potentiated in you for a more fulfilling and happy life.

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