Benefits of practicing primal dance for our five dimensions

Benefits of practicing primal dance for our five dimensions

After 30 years of research, the Argentine psychologist Daniel Taroppio, created a model of human development through one of the meditation practices in movement: The Primal Dance is a path of inner reunion with benefits for our five dimensions

Historically dance has been a form of expression of the human being. A way to rediscover our being, recover vitality and internal strength, potentiate our human capacities, express our feelings, and often heal.

While it is true that dance in general is known as the language of the body and communicates emotions through feelings generated by movement, it is also true that its medicinal and therapeutic value is being rescued. This is how when we talk about celebrating the international day of Dance, which this year is celebrated on April 29, we can not only talk about different styles and genres in their cultural manifestation, which go through the traditional, folkloric, ancestral and daily, but we can now introduce medicinal dance and therapeutic dance because as is customary in my articles, my concepts and opinions are focused on the therapeutic part that benefits the improvement of the quality of life of people who have access to my writings.

What is the Primal Dance?

Primal dance is not a dance, it does not require previous experience, it only requires the deployment of the expression of our energy through the natural and spontaneous movement of the body, without choreography or complicated movements, and it can be integrated into any therapy.

It is part of a personal development model called Primordial Interactions, which is based on the integral conception of human nature. It is an integral work that involves, an energetic work from the physical, cognitive, emotional, linguistic, meditative, and sociocultural parts, understanding that the human being seeks transcendence. It is based on theoretical foundations of ancestral medicines, western medicine, biology, and psychology and has more than 700 exercises or dynamics to release the primordial movements of our body.

It is a system of emotional and energetic bodywork that allows us to recover our natural movements and our cosmic memory to connect with our interior and with Mother Earth to heal. It is a challenge in these times based on the cosmic information that we all harbor in our bodies. Our body is an open book with all the information necessary for our self-knowledge and it is ready to be read the moment we learn to read it.

Benefits of the practice of Primal Dance

Recovery of the information that we carry within and that manifests itself through movements, sounds, gestures, postures, and ancestral and universal primal patterns of interaction.

Connection with the memories of our origins, our nature, and our identity, through the stimulation of primordial movements generated by ethnic music.

Liberation of dogmas and ideologies and neurotic elements of our personality, allowing our identity to settle in the inner reality, the vital nature to reconnect with our universal origin.

• Transformation of the way of seeing life to understand that the potential of the universe is within us and at our disposal and it only depends on us to use it.

• Dissolution of duality and separation, when an advanced stage of dance is reached, which becomes an active meditation in which dance and dancer are one, music and body are one, music dances the body, and it becomes one. becomes an instrument, merging into one, until reaching ecstasy and delight amid practice

• Recovery of the memory of our universal origin, in which we remember that we are water, earth, air, fire, stone, water, tiger, and wind, recovering the power of the universe to transform our lives.

Connection with states of unified consciousness in which the spiritual path that each being has becomes tangible in the here and now.

• Healing through the connection with the origins to renew ourselves and be born again.

How is the Primal Dance performed and what is it based on?

Through archetypal movements (understood: primordial, natural, original) that activate what in yoga is called the chakras, which coincides with the presence of a nervous plexus (meaning a nerve center of the body), which activates a part of the body in the one they inhabit, bones, muscles, glands, and nerve endings, to activate the energy of the area and unblock it, generating both physical and emotional healing.

It should be noted that the practical application of oriental medicine, with more than 5,000 years old, demonstrates the effectiveness of energy unlocking since everything is vibratory energy in motion, the human body responds to the stimulation made by the vibratory frequencies emanating from the music used in the practice of primal.

The ancient yogis spoke more than 3000 years ago that the mental state of the human being (which emanates energy) affects how this energy is organized in the body, generating blocks, activations, disease, or perfect health and it is the same as today psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology (that is, the nervous, immune, and endocrine system) affirms the mind-body connection.


It potentiates the development of qualities that all human beings possess in the 5 dimensions:

 Psycho-Physical Dimension: allows rooting and connection with our basic identity, to connect with reality.

 Emotional dimension: it allows for solving sexual, eating, expression, and stress disorders.

 Affective dimension: allows the development of tenderness, communication, meeting, and intimacy.

 Emotional dimension: allows us to reconnect with our cosmic and universal nature to flow through life as part of the All in Unity.

In conclusion, to speak of the Primal Dance is to evoke the ancient knowledge of tantra, yoga, acupuncture, vibroacoustic, and meditation, to condense it into a relatively modern discipline developed by the psychologist Daniel Taroppio and placed at the service of those whom they ask existential questions such as who I am, where I come from and where I am going and that allows the primal dance to be a path of reunion with the Inner Being and its connection with the cosmos, nature, and Divinity.

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