The Woman Post, has been nominated for the Adwards “Transformando País”

The Woman Post, has been nominated for the Adwards “Transformando País”

This nomination has been granted because of the article ” The strategy that seeks to end the “Sticky Floor and empowering women.” written by journalist Ayda María Martínez Ipuz.  Recognition conferred by Grupo Gelsa, highlighting contributions to the empowerment of women in the business world and fostering progress for Colombia.

“Their dedication and constant effort have been praised by our selection committee, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate these achievements with you and your team,” states the announcement.

In recent years, Ayda Martinez has been characterized by significant efforts that highlight the empowerment of women in various fields such as economy, science, technology, environment and health, among other women topics. She  is a journalist with a specialization in economic journalism and communications with a gender perspective.

The award ceremony will take place today at the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, as part of the company’s 21st-anniversary celebration.

We aknowledge Ayda’s contribution to women and to The Womanpost.

To read the nominated article, click here: link to the article

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