The Emotional Salary, Is Key to Retaining Talents

The Emotional Salary, Is Key to Retaining Talents

It becomes more common every time people quit their jobs looking for more favorable working conditions, so it is of vital importance for companies to generate loyalty strategies.

This strategy for human talent generates a sense of belonging in their employees. Therefore, the implementation of an adequate emotional salary becomes more important every day to reduce staff turnover and improve productivity.

The productivity of companies depends largely on the well-being of employees, for this reason, providing non-monetary benefits has a direct impact on positive management rates, when evaluating their performance. The emotional salary plays a very important role when choosing a job since the pandemic made us reevaluate what we do and how we do it since the quality of life we ​​lead has become increasingly important for human beings.


1. Providing a good work environment. The work environment is made up of different elements such as favorable physical space, proper management of leadership, the spirit of cooperation, fairness, respect, and corporate values.

2. Providing employees with opportunities for advancement and job promotion, which encourages them to perform their duties efficiently, since they know that they are considered in performance evaluations.

3. Offering flexible work schedules and adapting to performance according to the needs of the company and the employee. This is how working from home is becoming more and more common, allowing the employee to attend to his responsibilities as a parent or caregiver.

4. Programming education, training, and opportunities for personal, professional, and work growth that allow employees to improve in all aspects of their lives to improve their quality of life.

5. Promoting teamwork and employee participation in decision-making to generate changes and transformations within companies. For any human being, it is vitally important to be recognized, valued, and considered.

6. Part of the emotional salary is also made up of the corporate culture, values ​​, and principles related to the employees.

7. Place employees appropriately in positions according to their skills, knowledge, strengths, experience, and training so that their performance is optimal and does not generate frustration or apathy. In this way, each person feels that every aspect of their resume is being valued and recognized, both for their appointment and for promotion or advancement.

8. Make all the tools available to fulfill the functions and adjust the workplace for better performance.

9. Establishing and clarifying the functions, roles, and levels of autonomy allows the employee to perform calmly and safely knowing his responsibilities and tasks, which provides security and confidence.

10. Recognize and periodically encourage the work done.

11. Treat them with respect and have an open-door policy that allows them to express how they feel in their work environment.

12. Organizing recreational and integration activities allows employees to get out of the routine and reduce the levels of stress and tension that are sometimes generated by the performance of tasks.

13. Respecting the established time and schedules makes the employee feel respected and valued.

Emotional salary plays a very important role for an employee since his well-being depends on it. While it is true that the salary aspect is important, physical, mental, and emotional well-being is even more so, and this can be improved by a good job offer that includes an important part of the emotional salary. If companies take care of providing a good emotional salary, they will achieve high levels of productivity, loyalty, and fidelity to their human talent.

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